About me

“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

I am a hands-on mom whose journey to the kitchen started as a necessity and has now turned into a hobby. You may be surprised to know that when I first entered the kitchen, all I knew was how to brew Chai (tea) and my first dish was a humble attempt at the French Toast.

I was born to a Bengali family in India where the greatest emphasis was placed on education. In fact we were discouraged to enter the kitchen. So naturally I grew up with a complete indifference to cooking which later on developed into aversion as I entered adulthood. This picture changed completely after my marriage to a person whose profession demanded lots of “khana & khilana” (eating and feeding), I was left with no other option but to set aside my aversion and over a period of two decades I didn’t even come to know when it turned into my passion. But  it’s my children who extracted the best out of me. Their strong taste buds along with their particular likes and dislikes made this journey more challenging and the saga continues.

This blog is a collection of all those recipes which I have come across in my 25+ years of cooking along with a touch of my own expertise. Each and every dish that I will publish has been curated to be simple enough for those beginning their cooking journey.

Happy cooking!

Let’s Cook!